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Welcome to the improved Customer Website !

Source: RTE-DICAP 24/06/2009

A more efficient and simple Customer Website is on line.

The new version of our Customer Website is now on line : it aims to be more efficient and user-friendly, with :
- simpler menus and easier navigation
- immediate access to dynamic data
- clearer, more concise descriptions of RTE's services

The Customer Website has moved to a new address : http://clients.rte-france.com
replacing the old address http://www.rte-france.com/espace_clients/.

We invite you to :
- update your bookmarks
- update your hyperlinks or macros leading to a data page:
"http://www.rte-france.com/espace_clients/.../mydatapage.jsp" : you will have to modify them to use the new root : http://clients.rte-france.com/...

RTE hopes this new version will give you easier access to the information we publish for you regularly.