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Evolution of the publications made on RTE's Customers Portal

Source: RTE ? D2M 27/06/2011

RTE improves its publications on the Customers Portal.

RTE is deeply involved in the improvement of transparency of fundamental data for the electricity market. In this context, improvements of the dashboard and new formats of the historical records for wind forecasts and unplanned outages will be posted as of Thursday, June 30, 2011.

Changes in the dashboard are:

  • a more ergonomic display of unplanned outages and wind generation forecasts;
  • a new display of some items in the medium / long term table.
The changes in log files are:
  • a new version of the downloadable file for the wind generation forecasts, where the intra-day forecasts are saved. A demonstration file is available here.
  • the ability to download historical records of unplanned outages. A demonstration file is available here.