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New CURTE group for dialogue on grid connection for an offshore wind concession

Source: RTE - SGC 07/09/2011

To provide industry players with all the information they need on grid connection for the offshore wind energy concession, RTE is launching a new group, as part of the CURTE's Network Access Committee

This forum for dialogue and debate will deal with particular technical issues concerning the way offshore wind farms are connected to power grids, under the framework set out by the specifications document N° 2011/S 126-208873, for the ITT published on July 11th 2011, on the website of the French energy regulator CRE. It aims to ensure all potential candidates for concessions have access to the same information, ensuring a level playing field. It is not intended to replace the arrangement provided for by Article 2.7 of the specifications.

This new group is open to all parties interested in submitting a tender for offshore wind generation.

The first meeting will take place at 9am on Wednesday September 21st 2011, at RTE's offices in La Défense, Paris.

Interested parties are invited to make themselves known to Mr Eric Fournier (eric.fournier@rte-france.com) or Mr Frédéric Roy (frederic-f.roy@rte-france.com).

The CURTE, which first met in 2000, is a unique forum where industry players are able to discuss and debate issues relating to use of the public power transmission system. The Committee is open to all power industry players who are directly concerned by use of the transmission system. It has played a key role in drawing up the rules introduced alongside the deregulation of the French power market, and in particular has helped ensure access to the public transmission system complies with legally imposed principles of transparency and non-discrimination.