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RTE launches a new working group dedicated to grid connexion of new interconnectors, within CFAI (Committee for Access to Interconnectors).

Source: RTE - SGC 18/10/2011

RTE is expanding the scope of the consultation within the transmission system users' committee (CURTE): with a new working group will focus on the connection of new interconnectors.

The new group will be part of the CURTE's interconnector access committee (CFAI). It will act as a forum for the consultation organized by RTE, for drafting a procedure for processing applications to connect new interconnectors. This consultation is in line with EU Regulation 714/2009 on conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges, and CRE's deliberation of July 26th 2011, on the creation of a procedure for processing applications for connecting new interconnectors to the public transmission system (PTS).

It will also lead the consultation on technical prescriptions for connecting these new interconnectors to the PTS.

The new group is open to all interested users, distribution system operators and potential investors in new interconnectors.

In accordance with CRE's deliberation of July 26th mentioned above, the group's work must be completed by the start of 2012.

The first meeting will take place at 9.30am on Thursday November 10th, at RTE's offices in La Défense, Paris.
The CURTE, which first met in 2000, is a unique forum where industry players are able to discuss and debate issues relating to use of the public power transmission system. The Committee is open to all power industry players who are directly concerned by use of the transmission system. It has played a key role in drawing up the rules introduced alongside the deregulation of the French power market, and in particular has helped ensure access to the public transmission system complies with legally imposed principles of transparency and non-discrimination.

For further information, interested parties are invited to email RTE at the following address: frederic-f.roy@rte-france.com