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Transparency improvement in the French electricity market: RTE and UFE to publish new data on French power generation

Source: RTE - DICAP 15/12/2011


Following the European Commission's recent publication of the REMIT Regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency, UFE and RTE are further enhancing the provision of data on French power generation, marking another new step towards greater transparency in the French electricity market. From today, market players will be able to access two new categories of data on RTE's Customer Website : actual generation by units rated over 100 MW published within the hour, and day-ahead generation forecasts for the UFE fleet.

UFE and RTE began publishing information on French electricity generation back in 2006, as part of a voluntary and pro-active initiative. It already covers the vast majority of indicators required in the European guidelines issued by ERGEG, the European Regulators' Group for Electricity and Gas. The initiative gives market participants free access to indicators on the installed capacity of the reference fleet and its development, data on scheduled availability of units and unscheduled outages, figures for actual generation and details of water stocks for hydro-electricity. Currently, the coverage rate is one of the widest in Europe with 106 GW, equivalent to 86% of France's total generating fleet, and 95% of the generating fleet connected to the transmission grid, taking into account installations of 20 MW and over.

Now, in a further step towards improved transparency and high-frequency of information, two new sets of data are to be published.

From today, actual figures for generation will now be published individually for each generation unit in the UFE reference fleet with a capacity of over 100 MW. The information will be published on RTE's Customer Website, within the hour.

In addition, to ensure greater very short-term visibility of generation, UFE's generators will be publishing, with a 30-minute timeframe, day-ahead (D-1) generation forecasts, with aggregate figure for programmable and non-programmable generation.