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Update to the ARENH Rules

Source: RTE - DC 31/07/2012

RTE is publishing the first version of the Rules on the Transmission of Data for Regulated Access to Incumbent Nuclear Electricity (ARENH), applicable as of July 5th 2012.

This version has been produced in consultation with market participants, through the Market Access Committee, which is part of the Transmission System Users' Committee (CURTE).

The ARENH Rules set out the technical and legal conditions governing the sending and sharing of data between RTE, Balance Responsible Entities, and Distribution System Operators, whose grids are connected to end Consumers supplied by Suppliers with ARENH entitlements. The aim is to enable RTE to calculate accurate figures for actual or Observed Consumption and send them to the energy regulator, CRE.

These rules were officially approved by CRE in its Deliberation of July 5th 2012.

They apply with effect from July 5th 2012.

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