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2013 satisfaction survey: the momentum generated since 2010 is bearing fruit

Source: RTE - DC 07/10/2013

Nearly 60% of you completed the RTE satisfaction survey. Your participation emphasised your willingness to build a lasting, high-quality relationship, and this willingness is shared by RTE's 8,500 employees.

This survey was a special opportunity, in addition to our regular interactions and the discussions held in the framework of the CURTE dialogue process, to collect your needs, expectations and sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

I would like to invite you to discover the results of this 2013 edition: your overall opinion of RTE and its image, performance and services has significantly improved since 2010. These results show that the path we have taken to better support you in a rapidly changing French and European electrical landscape appears to be the right one.

They also showcase your new expectations. While your priorities in 2010 focused on the clarity and adaptability of your contracts, you showed interest in our range of services in 2013, particularly in relation to market mechanisms and our information system.

I am committed to ensuring that we maintain our innovation strategy to meet your needs. Over the upcoming months, our actions will be geared in this direction, with the renovation of our data services, the development of new support services and the improvement of our information system to create new ties to you. Our new website dedicated to dialogue will be launched in early September.

To conclude, I would like to remind you that your sales contact, whose relationship skills and availability you commended, is at your disposal should you like to provide us with any further input.

Régis Boigegrain, Sales and Marketing Director

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