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ID public consultation launch

Source: RTE - DC 28/10/2015

Transmission System Operators of the CWE regions (Amprion, Creos, Elia, RTE, Tennet NL, Tennet DE et Transnet BV) developed a methodology allowing intraday capacity re-assessment after Day-ahead market coupling. The goal is to implement a potential border per border capacity increase within the CWE region.

Pending implementation of the target process consisting in a Flow Based capacity calculation as required by CACM an, CWE TSOs propose a first improvement which consists in extending the current operational process existing on German – Dutch and Dutch – Belgian borders to CWE French borders.

In order to deploy the proposed approach, RTE launches today a public consultation on the methodology described in the attached document which can also be found at:

All interested parties are invited to submit comments by 6th November 2015 12:00 AM CET, to the following email address: laure.lamoureux@rte-france.com.

Comments submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

The outcome of this consultation will be communicated in a non-anonymous way to the French National Regulator Authority after consolidation.