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RTE’s catalogue of services evolves

Source: RTE - DC 21/12/2015

Cataliz, RTE’s catalogue of services, evolves to offer you an easier access to all of our services. Discover its new summary on www.rte-cataliz.com.

"Become a customer" provides you with key informations about the network and the market : how to get connected to the grid, how to access the market mechanisms and interconnectors.

"Your Services on the network" presents you all parent services from power quality, availability of your electrical supply system, availability of your data, services to manage your hosted consumer site…

"Your services on the market" informs you about the different information system services required for each mechanism, about the public data related to these mechanisms, about opportunies to sell capacities or demand response in energy markets, about availability of your Balance Responsible data…

"Information system” offers you leaflets with tips on RTE's Information System.