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Joint communication of RTE, Swissgrid, Amprion and TransnetBW : Suspension of the Flexible Intraday Trading System on borders CH-FR and CH-DE

Source: RTE - DIESE 16/05/2018

EPEX will stop offering Flexible Intraday Trading System (FITS) on borders CH-DE and CH-FR with the go-live of XBID. Explicit allocation via Intraday Capacity Service (ICS) continues without changes.

Swissgrid, TransnetBW, Amprion and RTE are offering available cross-border capacities for the Intraday timeframe on the borders Switzerland-Germany and Switzerland-France in a non-discriminatory continuous first-come-first-serve allocation using an internet platform, the Intraday Capacity Service (ICS).

In addition, since June 2013, the EPEX Intraday markets of Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland are coupled by an implicit continuous trading mechanism. The cross border matching of bids in EPEX market segments is made possible by an interface between EPEX and the Intraday Capacity Service (ICS). Thanks to this interface, individual market participants can obtain intraday capacities and use them for cross border matching of bids. The mechanism is flexible and also allows for exchange based implicit cross-border trading of intraday products with 60’, 30’ and for the border Switzerland-Germany 15’ resolution until 60’ before delivery.

Starting from 12 June 2018 however, with the go-live of XBID, EPEX SPOT will no longer offer the cross-border matching of its German and French intraday market segments with the Swiss intraday market segment. Following a decision by the EPEX SPOT Exchange Council on 20 March 2018 products that are listed in the Shared Order Book (SOB) of XBID will not be offered in parallel in the local trading system (LTS) during cross-border allocation of XBID.

According to EU legislation, Switzerland will not participate in the XBID mechanism as long as there is no intergovernmental agreement on electricity cooperation between the European Union and Switzerland. Therefore with the go-live of XBID and the decision of EPEX SPOT to offer its Intraday products only on the XBID platform the implicit cross border matching with.

Swissgrid, TransnetBW, Amprion and RTE will continue offering explicit continuous intraday capacity allocation via the ICS for the borders Switzerland-Germany and Switzerland-France following the same rules and processes as today. That means that explicit cross-border intraday trading with Switzerland will be possible also in the future.

Düsseldorf, Laufenburg, Paris, Stuttgart – 15 May 2018