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Maintenance operation : 11 to 15 October

Source: 05/10/2018

Data on the DATA, Services and Publication portal applicatins and in the Personalised Customer Area Will be unavailable

As part of its digital offering upgrade initiative, RTE is updating its back office software. Maintenance is therefore scheduled to be carried out from 5 PM on Thursday, 11 October until 2 PM on Monday, 15 October (data from 11 October until 14 October will be unavailable).

The data logs are scheduled to be gradually copied over on 15 and 16 October. All data will be accessible from 8 AM on Wednesday, 17 October.

During this period:

On theData Portal, only data prior to 11 October will be available for the following APIs:

  • Big Adjusted
  • Big Metering
  • Big System
  • Big Physical

The other APIs will still be available and will not be affected.

On the Services Portal, the following will be unavailable:

  • the tangent Phi exceedance notification service
  • the invoice viewing service
  • The viewing services for the validated metering data (metering point), physical data (elementary physical point), network access data (contractually-defined delivery and injection point) and adjusted consumption data prior to 11 October.

Services that use SPEED data remain available and are not affected.

The EPCapplication will be unavailable. Customers with “CART” or consumer public transmission network access contracts will need to send their requests directly to the Lyon (rte-lyon-accueil-client@rte-france.com) and Nantes (rte-nantes-accueil-client@rte-france.com) Customer Welcome services should they wish to:

  • change their Subscribed capacity
  • change their Tariff Version
  • change their Scheduled Temporary Surpluse

The request should reference the contractually-defined delivery and injection point, the application dates for the request and the applicable values.

The PUBLICATION application will only be available for data prior to 11 October.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please feel free to contact your account manager should you require further information.