Capacity for connection at 400 kV

What information is shown on the map of 400 kV Potentially Available Capacity?

On the map, France is split into 26 separate areas:

The borders of each of these areas are the infrastructures which are most sensitive to new generation arriving in France, and whose transmission capacity would be exceeded in the event of large-scale introduction of new generating facilities.

Potentially Available Capacity for connecting power generation within each area:

Within each area, electricity generation can be accommodated without exceeding the transmission capacity of power lines and substations making up that area. The maximum Potentially Available Capacity for connecting new generation capacity in a given area is expressed in MW. This value assumes that new generation units will be distributed optimally within the area.

In this respect, the preferred substations for connecting new generation units are shown on the map.

However, direct connections to 400 kV power lines may also be considered (by creating new substation for generation feed).

Two values appear in each area:

  • In black: the volume of generation projects connected to the 400 kV network, already queued;
  • In green: the additional volume that can be connected to the 400 kV network with a limited risk of limiting generation output.

What precautions should be taken when interpreting the map of 400 kV Potentially Available Capacity?

The values shown on the map of 400 kV Potentially Available Capacity were updated on September 1st 2016. They reflect the transmission system as projected by RTE looking ahead to 2019.

In the event of changes in the queue (due to generation projects connected to 63 kV up to 400 kV network), the Potentially Available Capacity will have to be reassessed. An annual update is planned.

Potentially Available Capacity values expressed for each area cannot simply be added up: if generation capacity arrives in one area, it may affect the Potentially Available Capacity calculated for one or more other areas. For more information, here is an example of inter-area influence for the Potentially Available Capacity on 400 kV.

This observation is also true for new generation arriving on the regional network (voltage levels between 63 and 225 kV) in a given area.

The Potentially Available Capacities of French areas sharing borders with other European countries have been calculated on the basis of generating and grid data on neighbouring countries available to RTE as of October 1st 2016. Any change in these data is likely to alter the Potentially Available Capacities for these areas.

In all cases, for any new generation project, a detailed study of the connection scenario by RTE will serve to establish precisely the accommodation capacities for the new generation on the 400 kV network.

Capacity for connection at 400 kV