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NEMOs designation

The EU regulation 2015/1222 of the Commission of 24 July 2015 establishing a guideline for allocating cross-zonal capacity and congestion management (the “Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management” regulation, hereinafter “CACM Regulation”), which entered into force on 14.08.2015, sets the modalities for designation of electricty market operators participating to day ahead or intraday market coupling : such « Nominated Electricity Market Operators » (or « NEMO ») are now designated in each countries by the relevant regulatory authorities. The CACM regulation allows every operator which hasn't been defined as a national legal monopoly to be active in other member states.

In this context, CRE designated on 03 December 2015 the NEMOs in France: EPEX Spot SE and Nord Pool:

Pursuant to the deliberation of CRE and to the deadlines of CACM Reculation, RTE has defined a technical solution for hosting multiple NEMO in France (or "Multi-NEMO Arrangements"), approved by CRE on 13 October 2016:

After their implementation, the Multi-NEMO Arrangements will allow multiple NEMOs to operate in France, thanks to the creation of their hub in cooperation with RTE. The effective implementation of the Multi-NEMO Arrangements will be done both at a national level in Frtance, and at a regional level by taking into account the multi-NEMO context in the execution of the market coupling processes.

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