Transparency Initiative for Electricity Generation in France

Supporting the development of transparency in the electricity market, the French producers, members of the Union Française de l'Electricité - UFE - took the initiative in 2006, in partnership with RTE, of implementing a data publication system for electricity generation in France.

Some published data are now part of the minimal common set of data relating to generation that must be made available to the market players, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 543/2013 of the European Commission of 14 June 2013.

However, the producers involved in the UFE's Transparency Initiative decided to maintain and continue the publication of certain data, beyond the requirements of Regulation No. 543/2013, and in particular:

  • The actual generation output produced by generation units of 100 MW or more is published in H+1
  • The generation forecast for the next day distinguishes programmable generation units from intermittent generation.
  • Additional information may be published by the producers associated with the initiative in order to allow all market players to better assess the overall position of their generation offering.

These data, not required by Regulation No. 543/2013 are made available free of charge by UFE producers and are indicative and not contractual.

* A production unit may comprise one or several generation units.

You can also consult the press Release :