Mechanism of capacity


Presentation of the mechanism


The capacity mechanism is intended to safeguard the security of electricity supply in France during peak winter periods. It is based on the obligation for obligated parties (suppliers, as well as end consumers and system operators for their losses, which, for all or part of their consumption, are not supplied by a provider) to cover consumption during peak periods and on the certification of generation and demand response capacities.


Participate in the capacity mechanism

The capacity mechanism takes place over a period of seven years. During the year of delivery, RTE notifies each day in day-ahead the peak days PP1 (for the obligated parties) and PP2 (for operators) during which obligated parties and capacity operators will have to fulfil their respective obligations

Peak days are notified on business days,

  • from 1 January to 31 March and from 1 November to 31 December (except during the Christmas holidays)
  • 7:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00
  • 10 to 15 PP1 days / year and 10 to 25 PP2 days / year

Participate as:

To help you better understand how the capacity mechanism works, RTE provides you with:



To participate in the capacity mechanism you are required to adhere to the rules and additional provisions of the mechanism. To do this, depending on your role in terms of the mechanism, you sign:


Obligated party: 4€/MW of reference power per year

Certification Entity:

  • 500€/account/year (Fixed costs for REGA account management)
  • 0.38€/capacity guarantee/year (Variable costs for managing the capacity guarantees registry invoiced during any sale of capacity guarantees, capped at 1€ / guarantee / year)
  • 10€/MW (PTS certification fee)

Access the information system

To participate in the capacity mechanism you are required to:

  • have access to the RTE information system,
  • comply with the terms of data exchanges described in the IS Terms and Conditions of the mechanism

Additional offers

For more transparency, RTE offers a set of data services

Register of capacity guarantees

Information relating to the capacity certificate market. (confidential register)

Certified capacities registry

Information relating to the certificates issued by RTE on the Customer Portal or API

Registry of measures aimed at controlling consumption during peak periods

Information on energy management actions initiated bu suppliers on the Customer Portal

Data relating to the mechanism

PP1/PP2 alerts, overall level of capacity guarantees, list of certification perimeter responsible parties, list of certification perimeter responsible parties via the customer portal or API

Registry of capacity guarantee exchanges

Aspects of the sale of capacity guarantees of the capacities registry (price, volume and effective dates) via open-data RTE.

Find out more

Reports relating to the capacity mechanism

Certification (in french)

Obligation (in french)

CRE deliberations mentioned in the articles relating to the reference power for grid loss compensation (,, the market reference price (8.3.1) and administered price (8.3.2) of the capacity mechanism rules (in french)


Your sales representative is at your disposal for any additional information on the capacity mechanism. For any technical questions relating to the operational implementation of the mechanism, contact RTE at: