Balance responsible entity

To guarantee a good degree of transparency and ensure that all parties fully understand the process by which flows are reconstituted, RTE publishes the following data regarding the calculation of imbalance settlement and temporal reconciliation:

1 - National reference load curve.

This curve corresponds to net extraction by the Public Distribution Network on the Public Transmission Network, calculated on the basis of metering data measured at RTE HV/MV delivery point substations.

2 - National Profiling Imbalance.

This curve corresponds to the difference between net extraction of Public Distribution Network (PDN) on the Public Transmission Network metered by RTE and aggregated Balance Responsible flows on PDN calculated by Grid Operators by the way of remote metering, profiling and estimating losses.

3 - National alignment coefficient.

This curve corresponds half-hour by half-hour points to the coefficient that correct the consumption estimated by the Grid Operators on Public Distribution Network for all Balance Responsible flows in order to adjust her to the real level.

4 - National Residual load curve, financial amount of residue, annual energy consumed nationally as estimated by profiling.

During temporal reconciliation, there exists an imbalance during the half-hourly period, between the national reference load curve and the sum of the load curves allocated to the balance responsible entities within the Public Distribution System. This imbalance corresponds to the lack of precision with regard to the profiles.
This imbalance, calculated over a period of a year, constitutes the load curve for the national residue. Its annual energy is nil by construction.

Imbalances: Data 1, 2 and 3 regarding week W (Saturday-Friday) are first calculated and published before 14:00 on Thursday of week W+3. The very same data regarding month M are updated and published before the end of months M+1, M+3, M+6 and M+12.

Temporal reconciliation: Data 1, 2, 3 and 4 from July of year Y to June of year Y+1 are published before the end of October of year Y+2.

Data are published with their update date. Records of the data published form the start of the flow reconstitution process are available. More, any updates published after October 12th, 2005 is accessible by one of the offered update dates. The last update is the only one available of all updates published before this date.