Redispatching, countertrading and associated costs

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In the event of physical congestion of the network, Transmission System Operators can implement, depending on the geographical area and the constraint experienced, expensive counter-measures aimed at ensuring the firmness of the commercial programmes.

RTE provides, on-line with the publications produced on EMFIP within the context of the transparency regulation, information relating to the implementation of two of these measures:

  • Redispatching, consisting of modifying the generation plan and/or load so as to modify the physical flows on the transmission network
  • Countertrading, which is a trade made between two TSOs in the opposite direction of the constraining flow

A monthly report of the costs generated by these measures for handling congestion is published the following month. Since the costs are shared between the TSOs, only the costs borne by RTE are published on the site.

Redispatching Countertrading Costs

Data from 01/09/2020 to 30/09/2020

Redispatching's table
Beginning End Type and sens of redispatching Asset Cause Borders concerned Status Details
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